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Backyard Fun

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Cabin fever can be a real issue for many of us and the solution is to get outdoors. During social distancing restrictions, you can't plan a block party or a sports activity, but you can have some great family fun right in your own backyard or front yard.

My favorite idea is a family garden. Let everyone decide on one or two items to plant. Do the research on when and how to plant together. This can be a great way for children to witness their parents potentially making mistakes but still making a good effort. The added bonus is, of course, the fresh garden produce you might enjoy.

Identify all of the birds and bugs you've seen in your neighborhood

Did you say bugs?

There are many websites that will help you identify birds, bugs, and other animals. Go on a bird/bug hunt and then use the Internet to identify them. For information on and identification of Texas birds, go to On this site you can even find fun activities for kids. For bugs, go to There are some great photos here and lots of interesting information.

Pack the car and go for an adventure

So you can't go shopping or attend any entertainment venues. How about a nice drive. You could drive around the country-side or investigate a new neighborhood. Just make sure you stay in the car unless you find an unoccupied haven for adventure. A mask may be a good idea in case you run into someone by accident. It also helps with allergies. To make things even more fun, take turns calling out "right" "left" or "U-turn."

Cover your front walk or driveway with chalk drawings, create signs or have a neighborhood scavenger hunt

Interact with neighbors in a new way

There are many creative ways you can interact with your neighbors without breaking the social distancing rules. You can create yard signs or chalk drawings. Some people are placing teddy bears in windows so that people out for a walk can search for the bears. Or you could simply sit on your porch and wave as the neighbors go by.

Phys Ed anyone?

Take turns playing P.E. teacher and leading each other in exercises and games. Yoga is a great activity because no physical touch is required. Other good exercises include push-up, jumping jacks, hula hoops and dodge ball.

Take a Moonlit Walk Around Your Neighborhood

Depending in your neighborhood, you may want to wear a reflective vest or carry a flashlight.

Other ideas:

  • Take a early morning hike and watch the sun rise

  • Make a picnic for the backyard

  • Campout in the backyard


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