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Creating Moments of Joy @Home

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

When our activities are so restricted as they are now and tensions run high, it can be difficult to remember the importance of joyful moments.

Here are some ideas for creating joyful moments at home.

It is easy to run out of ideas to have fun when you are restricted to home for long periods of time. Here are a few creative ways to have some family fun.


The following ideas have been adapted from a 2010 TableTopics set on Family Fun.

  • Pose each member of the household (including pets - kids will have fun thinking of ways to get them to pose) for a photograph with a letter to spell out WE LOVE YOU then cut each picture out and tape on a sheet of paper. Decorate and make copies to send virtually to family and friends. If you don't have a home printer, there are many online services where you can upload photos and have prints delivered right to your door.

  • Film a video titled "A Day in the Life of Our Family." You could even make it COVID-19. Again, share with family and friends who miss spending time with you.

  • Have a spaghetti war in the backyard.

  • Have a contest to find out who in the family makes the best smoothie/cookie/etc. Do a blind test taste...

  • Learn how to say "Good Morning," each in a different language, then greet the family that way every morning.

  • Give your house a name like "Smeller Arms" or "Dream Acres" and make signage for your front door or yard.

  • Create a list of questions to send to family and/or friends. Compile the answers into one book and share (supplied can be ordered online and delivered to your door). This could be a great Christmas gift.

  • Write letters and/or draw pictures for elderly neighbors and deliver along with a basket of muffins.

  • Hold a household "Olympic Games."

  • Create a family recipe book with favorites contributed by everyone in your extended family. This is another great Christmas gift.


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